Exercise Without Pain!

Lady Be Fit Express is a women’s fitness studio offering a 30 minute exercise circuit which will target all major muscle groups and give you a complete cardio workout at the same time. Each member works at her own pace and to her own optimal ability on the best Hydraulic Resistance Training (HRT) equipment available.

Members enjoying conversation while working out makes exercise fun!

Our studio is light and airy and is a great place for the working woman to stop by before work, after work or on her lunch hour where she can accomplish a complete workout in about 30 minutes. Women with a more open schedule may wish to work out mid-morning or early afternoon.

Most women find our fitness studio comfortable and inviting, and the non-competitive, friendly atmosphere is ideal for those who find larger co-ed gyms intimidating.

What Lady Be Fit Express Offers

Group Exercise Our machines accommodate any level of fitness making it the perfect tool for group training.
Music The entertainment and excitement provided by music helps pass the time while exercising.
Time Combined cardio and strength training makes the most of your time investment. Our unique 30 minute workout is all it takes.
Simplicity Our fully accommodating resistance matches any strength curve or fitness level so anyone can do it and there’s nothing to remember!
Safety Because our system is based on resistance similar to swimming, it is extremely safe.

The Workout… How Is It Different?

Conventional weight and cardio exercise is unappealing to most people and time consuming. Group exercise requires special training equipment, but conventional methods can’t accommodate varied fitness levels.

Hydraulic Resistance Training (HRT) can be done solo or in a group for a fun 30 minute workout that is quick and never boring.

The adaptability of our equipment assures that everyone gets the perfect workout every time, regardless of fitness or skill level — and there is no need to remember equipment settings.

With HRT, you avoid the soreness associated with other methods. That is because muscles always experience resistance during contraction, not during the stretching phase. HRT — exercise without pain!

Results happen quickly with HRT. Within a week, members performing a simple 30 minute workout comment on how much their energy has improved, and it isn’t long before they begin to feel stronger and see changes. The circuit fitness and circuit training combination of cardio and strength training provided by the push/pull action of our hydraulic fitness equipment allows this to happen faster than other exercise methods.

A beginner can work out next to an athlete in training and each receives a workout that challenges their own abilities!

We like to start them young!

The Equipment

Hydraulic Resistance Training (HRT) Equipment

Chest Press/Row


Lower Back

Pectorial Fly/
Rear Deltoids

Leg Press

Shoulder Press/
Lateral Pull Down

Hip Abduction/

Leg Curl/

Additional Equipment

Dale on stepper

(Massage and Relaxation Therapy Health Assistant)

Chi Energy Treatment

Treadmill, Glider, Recombinant Bike, Air Strider


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